Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tips to Boost Site Crawl Rate

Search engines have a monumental challenge of providing the latest content to searchers in a timely fashion. The Internet is always in flux; changing every second as websites across the globe update, revise and delete web pages. Every addition of content means an update or revision to a website, something that every (SEO) firm hopes search engine crawlers detect. Although the idea seem mutually beneficial, it is obvious with the sheer number of web pages that crawlers can often disregard websites as they update their indexes. An effective search engine optimization service understands the challenge of inviting a crawler, since it is impossible to force one to visit a website.

#1 Relevant Backlinks
This standard SEO strategy is simple: get links from a more authoritative website than yours. Major social networking sites, as well as web directories validate your web pages. Crawlers regularly index these sites and your new content, if present, will be added to the mix.

#2 Search Engine Ping
There are multiple ping services available on the web that allow search engine services to inform Google of changes to website content. Bloggers can use Google’s own Blog Search Pinging Service to proactively inform the search engine of new blog posts.

#3 Comprehensive Site Map
Although the debate still rages, creating an XML/TXT-formatted sitemap and submitting it to Google, will certainly not hinder your site crawl rate. Google constantly tweaks their algorithm and it’s possible that the list of URLs and supplementary data will be used by crawlers.

#4 Server Issues
The amount of time pages take to load affects not just your human visitors but search engine crawlers as well. A fast server response time means that search engine crawlers can index more at high server speeds. This is especially important if your web site contains data heavy video, audio or image content.

#5 Internal Linking
A vast number of websites suffer from one serious flaw �" pages are disjointed. A well designed website, any search engine optimization firm will tell you, must allow users to travel across every page just navigating through the internal links. Search engine crawlers are known to give importance to well internally linked web sites.

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