Sunday, February 15, 2009

B.D.T staff have been busy thinking of new ways to help you promote your board. So we have added a few new services. We have added a 'Link Directory' page that not only lists some of the top directory's on the net, but also displays the current google pagerank of each directory listed. And as you know, the easiest way to improve your own pagerank, is to link to as many sites as possible with a higher pagerank than your own.

Here's the link:

We have also added a 'Signature Ads' service. This service lets you get your link placed in all our staffs signatures, for 1 week at a time minimum.

After recent problems with our shoutbox' server, I decided to upgrade to a better, and more stable shoutbox. So, we now have the premium version of cbox. This has loads of cool features that our old one didn't.

We have also had quite a few new registrations lately, which puts us up to 223 members. This means lots more exposure for your board. So if you haven't visited us lately, why not come and see what we can offer. You might just be surprised!

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