Sunday, February 1, 2009

Referral Contest

Competition 4 is a referral contest. The member that refers the most new registrations wins. What do you win?

How about the Domain Name of your choice!

This contest will run from now until the the 28/02/09. If nobody has reached the minimum winning referral total of 20, by the 28/02/09, then the competition will be extended until the first entrant reaches 20 valid referrals.

Here's what you need to do:

* Reply to this topic stating your interest
* get as many new registrations as possible
* Get every person you refer to reply in this thread saying they were referred by you.

I will then add each confirmed referral to your total.

The basic rules for referral contests are:

* No duplicate e-mails used for registrations
* 1 I.P address per account
* No spamming to get referrals (If we get a complaint from another boards admin that you are spamming, you will be disqualified)
* Minimum of 20 referrals required to win

For more information, go to: Referral Contest

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