Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here at BDT, we give away up to 3 Domain Names every month in our Posting and Referral contests.

Posting Competitions

The first member to make 300 posts will win a FREE domain name of their choice. It doesn't matter what your current post count is, because anyone wanting to enter the competition will be required to post ther application in the 'Competitions' thread. So if you already have, say 25 posts at the time the competition starts, you would need to reach 325 posts to win.

The competition will start once '10' members have registered to participate. The competition ends when the 1st member completes their 300 posts.

No staff members can enter, and you will be able to keep a track of your rivals by checking out their current post count in the 'Competitions' thread.

The basic rules are:

* No posting welcome messages to members who joined before you
* No creating duplicate topics
* No double posting
* No 1 word posts

Referral Contests

The member that refers the most new registrations wins. What do you win? How about the Domain Name of your choice!

Referral contests will run for 1 month. The basic rules for referral contests are:

* No duplicate e-mails used for registrations
* 1 I.P address per account
* No spamming to get referrals (If we get a complaint from another boards admin that you are spamming, you will be

To enter, just post in the Competitions Forum stating your interest.

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