Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BDT Newsletter, February 2009

Greetings from Bebo Dream Team, and all the staff. This is issue 2 of our monthly newsletter. I hope that you liked issue 1, and found it informative.

Lots has happened in the last month, and BDT continues to grow steadily. We have replaced our forum markers on the default skin, with a new custom set, and they look perfect.

Our member count has taken a sharp rise in the last month, and we now have a total of 271 members. This puts us on target to reach 300 members by 1st March. Not too bad for a board that only opened on the 26th November.

B.D.T also now has a new co-owner. Bree who is an admin here, has put so much effort and time into trying to make our board even better, and going well beyond what any other staff member ever would. So I offered her joint ownership, which she accepted. This brings a new level of stability to the running and up-keep of what is turning out to be great community.

We have a few other staff changes also. 'Star' has become our new Service Manager after a short spell as a global mod. Star has had plenty of experience on advertising boards, and many of you will know her already.

The second new staff member is 'Nick'. Nick will be working on the Services Team, doing board reviews and post packages. I'm sure that Nick will turn out to be a great addition to the team.

I'm sure that most of you have heard of Twitter Well, to give you all yet another way to keep up with the latest news at B.D.T, we can now be found on our own Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/bebodreamteam

We hope you enjoy our newsletter, and feel free to make suggestions on how we can develope our newsletter further.


New 'Signature Ads' Service

This service gives you the opportunity to get your link placed in the signatures of all our staff. Each link stays there for a week at a time. As with the majority of our services, you don't require any post count to use it.


Our 1st 'Forum of the Month' competition went down well, and the winner was Gordie, from FreeAds, who is now the proud owner of the domain name:


Our referral contest is still in progess, and ends on the 28th February. It's a close race so far and could go right to the wire.

Design Contest

As most of you will know, B.D.T has now launched its own hosting service. We are in need of some promo buttons and banners to help us advertise our hosting more effectively. Our own design team are going to design some for us, but I'm also going to give you guys the opportunity to contribute and win a domain name of your choice.

For more info go here:


That's it, good luck!


Bandit Hosting

Introducing: Bandit Hosting

We have just launched our new hosting service, that is ideal for both small to medium scale sites. The hosting comes with many cool features, such as: Free domain, web site builder, 30+ auto installer scripts, Latest version of cpanel, Php 4,5 and 6, 24/7 tech support and 30 day money back guarentee, not to mention a guarentee of 99.9% server up time.

Our hosting starts from as little as £3 per month (around $5), with even further discounts and bonuses for all active members of B.D.T.

You can check out our online store at http://bandithosting.org. You will also find all the info you need, in our hosting service section on the B.D.T Forum. You can even purchase a hosting plan from the new Direct Order page on our board.

If none of our existing hosting plans suit your needs, we can build you a custom plan with only the features you require.


Member Spotlight

Interview with bree623

Q. So bree, tell us a little about yourself

A. A retired school bus driver as of June 2006. After 15 years of driving and each year getting worse, I finally called it quit's when I parked the bus for the last time on June 7, 2006. I am married, but we have been seperated for 9 years, but we have remained friends. We have a 25 year old son named Matt. We raise fancy show chickens, and homing pigeons.

Q. Who/What has been your biggest influence in life?

A. That would be my mother, a truly no nonsense lady who raised me the old fashioned way, where respect was still part of one's upbringing.

Q. Tell us about your political views

A. Middle of the road.

Q. What 5 words would describe you best?

A. pessimistic, creative, funny, sarcastic, short tempered

Q. What are your favourite hobbies?

A. don't have anything that I would consider a hobby.

Q. What are your 5 favourite web sites?

A. http://forumfinder.net/SMF/, http://bebodreamteam.com,

Monday, February 23, 2009

Design Contest

As most of you will know, B.D.T has now launched its own hosting service. We are in need of some promo buttons and banners to help us advertise our hosting more effectively. Our own design team are going to design some for us, but I'm also going to give you guys the opportunity to contribute and win a domain name of your choice.

So this is what we're going to do... We are going to hold a design contest, with the winner getting a domain name of their choice.

The type of graphics we are looking for are:

125x125 Promo images
88x31 Promo buttons
468x60 Promo banners

This is the other specs:

Buttons Text: Bandit Hosting.
Banners Text: Bandit Hosting, Pro hosting at affordable prices!
Images (125x125) Text: Bandit Hosting, Pro hosting at affordable prices!

Colors for all: Designers choice
Animation for all: Designers choice

This design competition will run until the 23rd March, with the winner being announced the following day. You may enter as many graphics as you wish. All graphics MUST be your own work, and not one you had made for by anyone else. The PSD's for all submitted graphics MUST be attached to your submission post.

The judging will be done by Bree, Darkness and Myself, and the decision made is final.

To enter, all you need to do is post a reply here:

Click Me!, remembering to attach the psd for the graphic.

That's it, good luck!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bandit Hosting Goes Live!

Bandit Hosting is here to make it easy for you to launch your web presence within a very short period of time. Following the latest web hosting market trends, we have compiled for you an offering that includes all you need to translate your ideas into an attractive web site. With a few easy clicks you can get a domain, build a web site, create e-mail addresses, and start reaping the benefits of your unique online presence. Enjoy our FREE set of web design and web content tools and choose the location of your web site - in USA or in Europe.

We will help you create your website through a bunch of blog, forum, cms, gallery, e-commerce scripts each one of which launched online with just one click through our 1-click installation tool. With our services you can also rely on three PHP versions (PHP 4/5/6) and the latest stable versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Business plan

» 15000 MB Data Storage
» 300 GB Data Transfer
» 3 Domains Hosted
» 100 E-mail accounts
» 20 FTP Accounts
» 20 MySQL DBs
» Learn more

Corporate plan

» 2500000 MB Data Storage
» 25000 GB Data Transfer
» 30 Domains Hosted
» Unlimited E-mail accounts
» 50 FTP Accounts
» 50 MySQL DBs
» 1 PostgreSQL DB
» Learn more

Enterprise plan

» 4500000 MB Data Storage
» 45000 GB Data Transfer
» Unlimited Domains Hosted
» Unlimited E-mail accounts
» Unlimited FTP Accounts
» Unlimited MySQL DBs
» 2 PostgreSQL DBs
» Learn more

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Content Current

Content Current! Avoid at all costs.

I recently decided to try out a paid posting service for my board, with a company called Content Current. I was initially impressed with the look of their website and with the standards they 'claim' to adhere to. I placed my order at 00:02 12th February.

I paid over $40 for a package that consisted of 75 posts, with 4-6 new registrations. I asked for my posts to be completed within 7 days, which was agreed to by Content Current.

I waited patiently for 5 days, and not one post had been made. I opened a support ticket, asking why there was no progress with my order. I got a reply a few hours later. The reply asked for understanding and patience, and said that I was being assigned a few new writers, to help fill my order. So I waited a further 24 hours, and still no sign of any progress. I again sent them a message voicing my anger at the situation. The owner replied stating that he was going to assign a whole new set of writers to my order, and promised me that I would see progress over the next 24 hours, and that he (Owner) would be overseeing my order to ensure it was completed. Guess what I got? 5 lousy posts!

By now the 7 days agreed at the start had past. So once more I sent them a message letting them know exactly how I felt, and that I wanted a refund. Again I was given nothing but excuses.

Another full 24 hours went by and guess what? Still not 1 more post had been made. So this afternoon, 9 days after I placed the order, I sent yet another message. This is that message:

Now I'm really angry! Still only 5 posts. I do not want any more of your so called writers on my board. No more excuses, I want my money back! Don't bother replying with the same crap you've been feeding me so far. Your nothing but a bunch of cowboys, and I intend to post a warning about your company on as many
forums, blogs and sites, that I can. So refund my money today! I will delete any further posts made by your team. You asked for a 'few' more days, and you've had that. Don't ask me for more time or to be patient, you've used both up!

I haven't received any reply as of yet.

I really don't want anyone else conned out of their hard earned cash. So if you or anyone else you know are considering using a paid post service, please don't use Content Current. You will not get the service or standard they claim to offer. I will let you all know if I ever get my cash refunded, but don't hold your breath.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

B.D.T staff have been busy thinking of new ways to help you promote your board. So we have added a few new services. We have added a 'Link Directory' page that not only lists some of the top directory's on the net, but also displays the current google pagerank of each directory listed. And as you know, the easiest way to improve your own pagerank, is to link to as many sites as possible with a higher pagerank than your own.

Here's the link: http://bebodreamteam.com/pages/directory/

We have also added a 'Signature Ads' service. This service lets you get your link placed in all our staffs signatures, for 1 week at a time minimum.

After recent problems with our shoutbox' server, I decided to upgrade to a better, and more stable shoutbox. So, we now have the premium version of cbox. This has loads of cool features that our old one didn't.

We have also had quite a few new registrations lately, which puts us up to 223 members. This means lots more exposure for your board. So if you haven't visited us lately, why not come and see what we can offer. You might just be surprised!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Remember Your Human Visitors

It’s important to have a search engine friendly Website. Just be sure not to get carried away and forget about your human readers.

Have you ever done a search and ended up on a page that read like total gibberish? Maybe you found a good title and then just a bunch of keywords crammed together under that.

This is an extreme example of course. But a surprising number of new Web marketers get carried away with keyword placement and end up with Web content that just doesn’t make any sense.

The thing to remember is, search engine robots don’t have credit cards. They might “like” your content and rank you high in the results but they aren’t going to buy anything from you.

And no matter how high in the results you page ends up, if people can’t make any sense of your message, or if they find it clumsy due to keyword stuffing, they probably won’t stay long.

The truth is you can create pages that are very search friendly and still write great copy that your human visitors will appreciate and react well to. Your main emphasis in terms of onsite SEO should be a good HTML title, proper image tags, a good page heading and a few well-placed keywords.

That’s really enough to do the trick. Especially when you consider that offsite optimization, or quality back links, is far more important to your overall search position.

Once you’ve built a solid template and used keywords appropriately in your content you should focus on getting as many well-anchored back links as possible. This will push you to the top of the rankings more quickly than stuffing your pages with keywords and it will do so in a away that doesn’t result in poor quality content.

Uplift Your Website Rankings by Link Building

It's very important to know that link building can make or break your website within the search engines. You have to be very careful with your link building campaigns.

For a website to rank high, it has to have solid link popularity apart from the on-page optimization. This link popularity refers to the number and quality of in-bound links that point to your website. But, link popularity can make or break a website. Hence, one has to be very careful while building link popularity for one's website.

One of the oldest methods in off-page optimization is Link Exchange. Few tips while doing link Exchange are as follows:

Link exchange is a task defined under Search Engine Marketing by which you exchange your website link with the link of a counter website, thus mutually benefiting both the parties.

At the outset, create a 'Link' or 'Resource' page that carries the same theme/design look. Define Categories for putting the Anchor text (or title) of your link partners. These titles shall - 'on click' open up the website of your link-partner.
Your link exchange partners shouldn't be your direct competitors.
When you offer your link partner with a link exchange proposal, always see that you have already put the link of your link-partner in your resource page and presented the proposal-email with that link for your link partner to refer.
Your email should be personal and should not look like a spam. It should explain the benefits of link exchange that would happen between both the parties.
Also, quote your Title and Description that you want to get displayed in your link partner's link-page. Giving html source is always a better option so that the link-partner will directly copy and paste it.
If you don't receive a reply to your email-proposal, try again after 3 days. Keep trying till three tries for your link-partner to know that you are not a spam bot but you are serious in your intention of emailing the proposal. If you don't get any reply after three tries, take-off the link and acknowledge about it to the proposed link-partner.
Also, it is important to check that your link-partners carry weight. You may check the Page rank of your link-partner's website - home page and Link-page by downloading the Google toolbar in your browser. Also, it is better if they carry a good ranking in the search engines for the key-phrases they link exchange for. This would give you quality link-partners thus giving you a quality link-exchange.

Few more tasks are submitting Press Release and Article into their relevant directories. Write a good Press-note that announces of some good accomplishment of your services and market your services through submitting your Press-Release into quality Press-Release Directories.
Same way is for the article. Write an educational essay on subject that describes your product/ services in your industry. And then submit it into relevant high page-rank directories for getting quality links from Content-rich web pages.

Like Press Release Submission and Article Submission, you may also submit your website into a Quality Online Directory. Get your website URL added to the Quality Directories to get rich link-backs for your website. Take care of submitting your website into relevant category. Directory Submissions, Press Release Submission and Article Submission prove to be very useful for Quality link building.

Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

Traffic Building Using Keyword Research Tactics

Keywords are the CORE of the internet. Without proper research for keywords you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to remain profitable in business.

I see too many people take 30 minutes to search for keywords and then wonder a year down the line why their business isn’t working on the internet. Okay let’s look at it realistically… If you intend to knock up 100 websites over a month, or you want to start with just one website, the time spent on keyword research should in either situation be at least 25% of the time used in setting up … FACT.

Anything that is the CORE of any business is the �~core’ for a specific reason … it is the life, the feed, the heart … For Websites the CORE is �~keywords’ �" �~keyword phrases’ and �~long tail keywords’ … it is want pumps traffic onto your website. Without a good choice of keywords you’re swimming against the current.

Allow me to illustrate with a short example. If you have a property website in London, New York, Johannesburg, Toronto or Sydney … your keywords shouldn’t just be �~Property in London’. They should be 100 variations of that phrase … such as, �~apartments for sale in central London’ �" �~2 bed apartment studio for under £500,000’.

I have several property websites, so I know what works and what doesn’t. But the principle of finding keywords is important in any subject or profession. Groundwork, setting foundations and sewing the seeds; all great analogies for the importance of keywords … NEVER underestimate their value.

Up to the first 500 keywords you’ll probably manage with research. Here is Google’s own free research tool, please just add the prefix http and www : adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal?defaultView=2

That said, some of the best keywords will be the one’s that you discover yourself and understand to be what people choose to type into search engines when they are querying a search. Even special keyword research software will not discover every keyword, as some are beyond computer generation. Although if you are planning on having several websites with all of them having over 500 pages, then keyword software will help.

But for the average Joe, with just a few sites under 500 pages, then researching them yourself is much more profitable.

Another trick that will help prompt ideas is this … when you are on a website, take your curser to an empty place on the webpage and right click, then scroll down to �~view source’ and click. You’ll get the �~html’ of that page. At the very top are the meta tags … these are keyword rich … you’ll find the title, the description and their keyword choices. There is little point in copying these words as you’ll be competing against them; if you choose exactly the same keyword they will probably have two years existence behind them to rank better. Such a facility is to generate ideas.

I hope I have stressed the importance of research. The task of research is boring and tedious, but nonetheless essential �" inspiration and motivation play a big part in creating your keyword list. In conclusion… the main areas to develop a business or diversify and existing business is in the long tail keywords and phrases. Find a major keyword and explore the potential beneath the surface. May I invite to explore the potential of having a list of 2,500 keywords with over a million views per month? Please visit: Adwords-and-Adsense.com/top-searched-words-and-phrases-on-the-internet.html

Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

Tips to Boost Site Crawl Rate

Search engines have a monumental challenge of providing the latest content to searchers in a timely fashion. The Internet is always in flux; changing every second as websites across the globe update, revise and delete web pages. Every addition of content means an update or revision to a website, something that every (SEO) firm hopes search engine crawlers detect. Although the idea seem mutually beneficial, it is obvious with the sheer number of web pages that crawlers can often disregard websites as they update their indexes. An effective search engine optimization service understands the challenge of inviting a crawler, since it is impossible to force one to visit a website.

#1 Relevant Backlinks
This standard SEO strategy is simple: get links from a more authoritative website than yours. Major social networking sites, as well as web directories validate your web pages. Crawlers regularly index these sites and your new content, if present, will be added to the mix.

#2 Search Engine Ping
There are multiple ping services available on the web that allow search engine services to inform Google of changes to website content. Bloggers can use Google’s own Blog Search Pinging Service to proactively inform the search engine of new blog posts.

#3 Comprehensive Site Map
Although the debate still rages, creating an XML/TXT-formatted sitemap and submitting it to Google, will certainly not hinder your site crawl rate. Google constantly tweaks their algorithm and it’s possible that the list of URLs and supplementary data will be used by crawlers.

#4 Server Issues
The amount of time pages take to load affects not just your human visitors but search engine crawlers as well. A fast server response time means that search engine crawlers can index more at high server speeds. This is especially important if your web site contains data heavy video, audio or image content.

#5 Internal Linking
A vast number of websites suffer from one serious flaw �" pages are disjointed. A well designed website, any search engine optimization firm will tell you, must allow users to travel across every page just navigating through the internal links. Search engine crawlers are known to give importance to well internally linked web sites.

Convonix Inc offers expert Search Engine Marketing strategies including customized SEO services, Pay per Click and Landing Page Optimization services to help websites leverage their online presence.

Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

Forum Of The Month (FOTM)

# Entries must be a forum. not a blog.
# You must be Admin/Owner of forum you are submitting.
# Forum must have over 15 Members and over 200 post.
# Do not bribe any of the judges.
# All submissions for f.o.t.m will be placed in a poll topic.
# You then have 7 days to get as many votes as possible.
# No spamming for votes.
# 1 vote per member
# You may ask people in a non spamming manner to come vote for you
# Voting ends at midnight GMT on the 7th day of voting.

FOTM Rules/Guidelines

BDT Services

B.D.T offers many different ways to help you advertise your Forum,Site or Blog.
Our aim, is to see your latest project succeeds! So if you’re looking for extra traffic and new members,
why not try some of our totally FREE to use Services
Here’s a taste of some of the services we offer:

Post Packages
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Portal Adverts
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Redirect Adverts
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Text Adverts
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Link Mix Adverts
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Banner Ads
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Forum Reviews
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Newsletter Ads
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Advertise your site
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Exchange Center
Want to boost your site’s post and member count?
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Job Center
Need staff for your community? Or looking for a staff position?
Post your requirments in here. Click Here


Here at BDT, we give away up to 3 Domain Names every month in our Posting and Referral contests.

Posting Competitions

The first member to make 300 posts will win a FREE domain name of their choice. It doesn't matter what your current post count is, because anyone wanting to enter the competition will be required to post ther application in the 'Competitions' thread. So if you already have, say 25 posts at the time the competition starts, you would need to reach 325 posts to win.

The competition will start once '10' members have registered to participate. The competition ends when the 1st member completes their 300 posts.

No staff members can enter, and you will be able to keep a track of your rivals by checking out their current post count in the 'Competitions' thread.

The basic rules are:

* No posting welcome messages to members who joined before you
* No creating duplicate topics
* No double posting
* No 1 word posts

Referral Contests

The member that refers the most new registrations wins. What do you win? How about the Domain Name of your choice!

Referral contests will run for 1 month. The basic rules for referral contests are:

* No duplicate e-mails used for registrations
* 1 I.P address per account
* No spamming to get referrals (If we get a complaint from another boards admin that you are spamming, you will be

To enter, just post in the Competitions Forum stating your interest.

Bebo Resources

This is a list of all the best bebo resource sites around, to help you pimp your bebo profile to the max!

If you know of a bebo resource site thats not listed here already, then pm me the site details, and I’ll add it to the list.

*Bebo Resource Group
*Mint Bebo
*Bebo Skins
*Ultimate Bebo
*Bebo Sites
*Bebo Code

Referral Contest

Competition 4 is a referral contest. The member that refers the most new registrations wins. What do you win?

How about the Domain Name of your choice!

This contest will run from now until the the 28/02/09. If nobody has reached the minimum winning referral total of 20, by the 28/02/09, then the competition will be extended until the first entrant reaches 20 valid referrals.

Here's what you need to do:

* Reply to this topic stating your interest
* get as many new registrations as possible
* Get every person you refer to reply in this thread saying they were referred by you.

I will then add each confirmed referral to your total.

The basic rules for referral contests are:

* No duplicate e-mails used for registrations
* 1 I.P address per account
* No spamming to get referrals (If we get a complaint from another boards admin that you are spamming, you will be disqualified)
* Minimum of 20 referrals required to win

For more information, go to: Referral Contest