Saturday, February 21, 2009

Content Current

Content Current! Avoid at all costs.

I recently decided to try out a paid posting service for my board, with a company called Content Current. I was initially impressed with the look of their website and with the standards they 'claim' to adhere to. I placed my order at 00:02 12th February.

I paid over $40 for a package that consisted of 75 posts, with 4-6 new registrations. I asked for my posts to be completed within 7 days, which was agreed to by Content Current.

I waited patiently for 5 days, and not one post had been made. I opened a support ticket, asking why there was no progress with my order. I got a reply a few hours later. The reply asked for understanding and patience, and said that I was being assigned a few new writers, to help fill my order. So I waited a further 24 hours, and still no sign of any progress. I again sent them a message voicing my anger at the situation. The owner replied stating that he was going to assign a whole new set of writers to my order, and promised me that I would see progress over the next 24 hours, and that he (Owner) would be overseeing my order to ensure it was completed. Guess what I got? 5 lousy posts!

By now the 7 days agreed at the start had past. So once more I sent them a message letting them know exactly how I felt, and that I wanted a refund. Again I was given nothing but excuses.

Another full 24 hours went by and guess what? Still not 1 more post had been made. So this afternoon, 9 days after I placed the order, I sent yet another message. This is that message:

Now I'm really angry! Still only 5 posts. I do not want any more of your so called writers on my board. No more excuses, I want my money back! Don't bother replying with the same crap you've been feeding me so far. Your nothing but a bunch of cowboys, and I intend to post a warning about your company on as many
forums, blogs and sites, that I can. So refund my money today! I will delete any further posts made by your team. You asked for a 'few' more days, and you've had that. Don't ask me for more time or to be patient, you've used both up!

I haven't received any reply as of yet.

I really don't want anyone else conned out of their hard earned cash. So if you or anyone else you know are considering using a paid post service, please don't use Content Current. You will not get the service or standard they claim to offer. I will let you all know if I ever get my cash refunded, but don't hold your breath.

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