Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Premium Membership

FreeAdz now offers a Premium Membership. Premium members will get....

Access to exclusive content and hidden forums
Access to our downloads section
Free unlimited use of our arcade
1,000 Credit bonus
Can use message tracking
More PM storage
Add events to the calender
20% store discount on all items
1 month FREE Banner Advertising
1 month FREE Sig Ad
1 month FREE Sticky Ad
1 Post Package for your forum

These ads are free, and will run continually as long as your Premium Membership is maintained.

Premium Membership currently costs $5 a month, but we are currently offering a 50% discount until 18 May 2009. So, your getting everything listed above and more for the tiny fee of $2.50 a month.

Just go to the paid subscriptions (Link is in UCP). Select Premium Membership, enter one of the discount codes bellow, pay through paypal.

Activation is instant!

Premium Member Discount-SFR25
Premium Member Discount-1HX1L
Premium Member Discount-FMV8F
Premium Member Discount-QXGQJ
Premium Member Discount-Z7FGX
Premium Member Discount-RXK30
Premium Member Discount-IB983
Premium Member Discount-N11SQ
Premium Member Discount-CA44J
Premium Member Discount-TKBL5

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